MM Makina Magazin

MM Makina Magazin 2016Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish

Frequency: Monthly, 12 times a year
Circulation: 10,000 copies

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MM Makina Magazin 2016

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Characteristics: MM Makina Magazin is the polytechnical magazine for the Turkish industry. Editorial themes are specially orientated to the information requirements of managers and engineers in industry, trade and the service sector. MM Makina Magazin in Turkish language is published and distributed by Dünya Super Veb Ofset A.S., Istanbul in cooperation with Vogel Business Media, MM Industrial Magazines, Würzburg.


Distribution according to sectors of industry:
Metalworking Industry (except for automotive) 41 %
Automotive Industry 11 %
Chemical Industry 6 %
Electric & Electronics Industry 8 %
Packaging 5 %
Automation, Software 6 %
Universities, Chambers of Industry and Commerce 5 %
Mineral Oil and Rubber Processing 4 %
Construction Facilities, Installation 3 %
Mining, Quarrying, Ceramics 3 %
Foodstuffs, Beverages, Tobacco 3 %
Textile and Leather Industry, Apparel 3 %
Other Branches 2 %
Total 100 %


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