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Support arms/swivel arms for monitor mountings increase the range of action

Monitor swivel arms for ergonomic workstation designThe support arm can be combined with the RK monitor holder, thereby increasing the range of action. The support arm can be combined with the RK monitor holder, thereby increasing the range of action.





The range of action can be increased 

The monitor mountings from RK Rose+Krieger allow for an optimal view of the monitor or a control panel. The range of action can be increased even further by using a swivel arm. This may be useful for carrying out set-up work on machinery for example, or if the monitor is having a disruptive impact on the working environment.
There is also the option of expanding the support arm with two support tubes (twin version) to include a sturdy keyboard tray. The modular design of the RK swivel arm/support arm system allows for varied combination options and helps to adapt workstations to the most ergonomic arrangement.


Swivel arms are available either in the basic version or with two support tubes 

Two different support arms/swivel arms are available, based on the load to be supported (monitor weight, torque support). The basic version has one support tube for loads of up to 10 kg , and the twin version has two support tubes for loads of up to 25 kg. If the system is expanded to include the optionally available keyboard tray, then the company recommends using a twin-version support arm with two support tubes.
Support arms / swivel arms can be combined with tube connectors. Not only can the support arms/swivel arms be used to attach monitors or control panels, they are also suitable for the ergonomic arrangement of material boxes and tool/document holders when used in modified form. The support arm system fits the standard tube connector and can be combined in any number of ways.





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