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Food or vehicles – one switch for everything, the cross switches of the RK / NK series from Schmersal

The Schmersal Group has developed a new range of cross switches which will be launched in spring 2017. The new RK/NK cross switches have a unique non-contact switching system among robust, hygiene compliant cross switches.
This new generation of cross switches is also characterised by simple fitting using a central nut fixing. The electrical connection is via a standard M12 connection which guarantees simple, error-free installation.
This new development also has a variety of uses: because of their hygiene-compliant design, the NK cross switches are perfect for the food processing industry. The RK cross switches are ideal for use in the outdoor sector and under difficult environmental conditions, such as systems in process technology, utility vehicles, aircraft tractors and lifting platforms.

The cross switches for the food industry use blue sealing material so that they can be identified as foreign bodies by optical systems in the event of a device error. Grey sealing material is used for industrial and outdoor applications.
The RK/NK cross switches withstand ambient temperatures of between -40 °C and +80 °C. They are also characterised by high degrees of protection, IP69K in front of the front plate and KP67 for the contact chamber. This means the devices can be cleaned with strong water jets or pressure washers.




Smart sealing system increases plant availability

One particular feature of the NK/RK range is the clever sealing system with up to three barriers to prevent the ingress of liquids, even if the sealing bellows are damaged. This increases plant availability, as there is sufficient time to replace the bellows without the switch or machine being damaged.
The cross switches allow operators to move a machine tool in up to four directions: forwards, backwards, right and left. For the cross switches with scanner function, the return is spring-powered, while for the cross switches with a catch function it involves a user keystroke and spring power.




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