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Environmental protection applied during machine installation

With many machines, including newer models, it is not possible always prevent liquid from leaking. In many cases, the system concept plans collecting troughs to be installed at the most crucial points between the ground and the machines. Frequently, this affects the support points and thus directly the machine isolation.
In this context it is important to know that liquids act as a bridge for structure-borne noise. This means that the structure-borne noise generated by the machine can enter the soil without any hindrance and thus cancel the taken isolation measures.




Isolating effect of the AirLoc isolation plates

AirLoc isolation pads should therefore not be covered by the expected liquid level. Collecting troughs should therefore be emptied at regular intervals. AirLoc recommends steel support plates that are at least 15 -20 mm high to be welded in the collecting trough in the area of the support points.
The wedge mounts or adjustable levellers that rest on this plate are thus raised out of the collected liquid. The isolating effect of the AirLoc isolation plates for free-standing and bolt-on machine installations thus remains.




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