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simply-connected-global-fleet_img_w630ECU diagnosis and new workshop equipment for automotive workshops. Custom-made telematic solutions

  • Service opens new areas of business for workshops
  • Quick response and care prevents expensive downtimes for fleet operators
  • Data processing with Bosch encryption

At the Automechanika fair, Bosch presents a new telematic solution connecting fleet operators and workshops. Using this Bosch solution, fleet operators can reduce their vehicle’s downtimes and workshops win an important customer segment thanks to the additional service offer. This is possible thanks to a communication unit installed at the vehicle. In an encrypted manner, it sends current operating data and information on the vehicle condition to the Bosch IT infrastructure for the analysis of the data. That’s also, where fleet operators and participating workshops can access the edited information. For the data transfer itself, Bosch uses latest encryption techniques developed by the Bosch subsidiary ESCRYPT for this specific application. Bosch will put this new solution into operation towards the end of 2016 and thus expand its range of telematics even further. The website provides an overview of all Bosch possibilities and services for a connected fleet management.
bosch_vehicle_link_5100_01_71952_img_h720Low costs, predictable repairs

By means of this new service, workshops are able to provide their customers with an individual and custom-made offer. This can reach from the installation of the controller through to the complete online support for the vehicle. Minor fleet operators such as delivery services or craftsmen service providers can easily source out the complete technical fleet management to the workshop. The latter one recognizes early if a service appointment is required or if significant technical changes have been performed. In this manner, the respective vehicle is ordered to the workshop in due time. The fleet operator can then schedule the downtime and arrange a replacement car if required. Using the new service provided by Bosch, the repair shops can approach companies with several vehicles in a target-oriented manner thus winning new customers – and opening an additional business field.



english_1_img_h720Comprehensive solutions for fleet operators

In addition, Bosch collects a large variety of additional information for the fleet operators reaching far beyond the condition of the vehicle. Among others, information on location, fuel consumption, mileage of the vehicle or even driving style can be analyzed. In this manner, the fleet managers also have a useful tool at their disposal allowing them to raise their drivers’ awareness for safe and economical driving. Based on the data collected, incentives can be created, for instance to reduce fuel costs, wear or even both. In addition, the localization via GPS allows optimum fleet management. In cases of last-minute assignments or emergencies, for instance, the vehicle being the closest to the customer can be used. Thanks to the data provided by the Bosch cloud, the fleet manager also detects imbalanced use of leased vehicles. He can then change two vehicles with strongly differing amount of use thus preventing possible supplementary payments as the contract expires. The electronic driver’s logbook replaces the manual one and the efforts required for the documentation. This saves both time and money.





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