Buerkert > Stainless steel actuator for the valve Type 2063

Italy, Cassina De’ Pecchi – Design without seals and smooth surfaces both cleanable and robust



2441497-2063-001-a_thumb_imagefullTipo 2063 – Pneumatically operated 2/2-way diaphragm valve with stainless steel actuator
The pneumatically operated diaphragm valve with stainless steel actuators fulfils the demands of tough process environments. Forged or casted bodies in high quality stainless steel have excellent cleanability and surface qualities that are required in pharma, biopharma, cosmetic or food and beverage industry. The stainless steel actuator is designed to withstand tough process environments.



Possibility to isolate the actuator from the environment

Laser welding allows a design without seals and smooth surfaces that is both cleanable and robust. With a ducted exhaust air port the actuator can be isolated from the environment an optimum from a lifetime and hygienic point of view. The trusted diaphragm materials are optimized for a long cycle life and comply to USP Class IV, FDA and EC-Regulation 1935/2004. Placed within the Bürkert diaphragm valve program various port connections, and a large accessory program are available, also explosion proof variants.



2441549-2063-002-c_thumb_imagefullTechnical info on the valve:

  • Flow optimized and deadleg free stainless steel cast or forged bodies
  • Media seperation with different diaphragm materials
  • Trusted inner parts for long cycle life
  • Actuator in stainless steel for demanding environments
  • Large accessory program with stroke limitation and feedback




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