Cabka > Expansion of a classic, plastic pallet in dimensions of an Euro-pallet

Germany, Weira – Allowed the seamless integration of the plastic pallets into storage and transport systems



cabka-ips_fachpack_2016_euro_e7_04-lowExpansion of a classic: plastic pallet in the dimensions of a Euro-pallet
Cabka-IPS showed innovations and selected products from its extensive portfolio of plastic pallets at FachPack. The company will also be celebrating the world premiere of the Euro E7: its newest product and a plastic pallet unique to the market.

The Euro E7 was designed in a way that forklift pockets, deck height and blocks match the dimensions of an EPAL Euro-pallet. This allows for the seamless integration of the plastic pallets into storage and transport systems designed for handling standard wooden pallets.


Not to mention the numerous benefits for the management of load carriers:
> The Euro E7 can run in a conveyor system parallel to wooden pallets without adjustment problems.
> The Euro E7 can serve as a shuttle for defective wooden pallets.
> Stoppers, light barriers and sensors in the conveyor systems must not be adjusted in addition: the entire transport process remains simple and cost-efficient.



cabka-ips_fachpack_2016_cabcube_2-0_04-lowCabCube 2.0 a collapsible large load carrier
Cabka-IPS is also presenting the popular CabCube 2.0 at FachPack. The CabCube 2.0 is a collapsible large load carrier used by supply industries across all market segments to deliver large volumes of parts just in time to production lines and warehouses. Thanks to its injection-molded production process, the CabCube 2.0 impresses with robustness, dimensional accuracy, and high durability, differentiating itself in the marketplace where thermoformed products are common.





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