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Unbeatable benefits in the field of 3D data acquisition from printed materials.

COMET LƎD provide seven unbeatable benefits in the field of 3D data acquisition
COMET LƎD and INSPECTplus provide seven unbeatable benefits in the field of 3D data acquisition from printed materials.
The potential uses for 3D printing seem to be endless – thanks to the use of the latest 3D printing technologies, many things that used to be unimaginable have now been made possible with a previously inconceivable level of customisation. This applies to individual items, small series and large series alike.

Excited by these possibilities, in 2014, Klaus Schmied, then CEO of Silhouette International Schmied AG, founded a successful company with his son Jakob: Bernstein Innovation GmbH. This specialises in the production, development, structuring and design of consumer goods using 3D printing.

The company is divided into two organisational units based at two different sites. The Bernstein Innovation Agency specialises in design and product development activities and is based in Linz, Upper Austria. Not only is it responsible for the development of proprietary products but it also takes on services for external customers. Bernstein 3D Production is the production branch of the company and is based on Gmünd in northern Austria. During production, high quality and dimensional accuracy are key priorities.

The 3D printers, which use high-precision selective laser sintering (SLS), form the heart of the production processes. During this additive production procedure, layers of powder are partially sintered in a horizontal manner by a laser. By stacking these layers, which have a thickness of approx. 0.1 mm, any objects with a size of up to 55 x 55 x 45 cm³ can be created. It is also possible to simultaneously produce objects of different geometries, complexities and sizes in one single construction area. The enormous production flexibility poses a major challenge for quality assurance as measuring systems have to be able to capture complex geometries as well as measure the broadest range of component sizes with edge lengths from just a few millimetres to 55 cm.



Example of printed components.

Solution and product
Bernstein 3D Production started to precisely evaluate the possibilities offered by optical measuring systems. Particular attention was paid to the highest precision and flexible integration options. The COMET LƎD from Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH (formerly Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH) in Neubeuern, Germany, impressed the team from the outset.

The compact and high-performance 3D sensor uses innovative, maintenance-free and affordable LED lighting technology. Thanks to the new and unique LED-Puls mode, the high light output also guarantees excellent measuring results even in difficult environments. The sensor housing with the tried-and-tested single-camera technology and the complete measurement setup have a highly compact and lightweight design for effortless transportation. The 3D data acquisition process using this sensor is particularly quick, in part thanks to the user-friendly software. The excellent data quality and highly precise measurement results are therefore ideal for demanding uses in the fields of quality control and quality assurance. A more in-depth observation subsequently made it clear that choosing ZEISS Optotechnik also offered many other valuable benefits.


Result, benefits for the customer
The first focus area was the fulfilment of the core requirement. The COMET LƎD in combination with a rotary table, the COMETrotary, was an extremely convenient solution. The ability to be quickly integrated into existing workflows, the intuitive operation and the stable and precise acquisition of measurement data all contributed greatly to the final purchase decision. The modular and expandable design of the COMET LƎD quickly resolved the issue of how to measure different-sized components as the measurement fields can be changed and calibrated within a matter of minutes. The combination of the COMET LƎD measurement system with the INSPECTplus inspection software offers a target/actual comparison, among other benefits. The measurement data is compared with the 3D reference data records, which are available in the 3D printing process anyway. This makes it possible to ensure that all customers can order a customised measurement record for their finished component and that the required tolerances are adhered to.

A further benefit of choosing the ZEISS Optotechnik system is that it simplifies quality assurance activities in relation to the 3D printers. The accuracy of the printing system can be ensured by regularly measuring a printed reference object. Expensive downtime and quality impairments can therefore be avoided.

A further area of use is also opening up for Bernstein 3D Production: the 3D scanning of components. Since the COMET LƎD was launched, 3D data can be generated for components that have not yet been digitally recorded. This offers enormous potential, especially with regard to parts without CAD data that are no longer available as well as custom parts.


• Modular design of the 3D sensor
• Rapid expandability
• Quick integration into existing workflows
• Stable measurement data acquisition
• High precision
• Quality control/assurance
• 3D scanning of components as a new area of use

“Thanks to its versatile range of uses, the COMET LƎD has paid off from day one. In line with the motto ‘seven in one go’, the seven unbeatable benefits are clear.” Stefan Niedermair, CTIO, Bernstein Innovation GmbH


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