Sheet metal-Tools and Equipment

> Kompac Air MJT the cartridge dust collector by Tama Aernova

    Tama Aernova started in 1985 with the construction of filtering units and components for air purification systems from dust, fumes, gases and oil mists coming from the different

> Cadman Suite 8.5 by LVD, enhancement for every module

Cadman Suite version 8.5 is the last release of LVD Company nv for its programming and shop management software. The release includes enhancements for every Cadman module, such as an

> Equipment for presses, lubrication systems: All Around the Press by Millutensil

  Equipment for presses, lubrication systems and conveyor belts in order to optimize the production the productive process and to compete in global markets. Press users are increasingly making use

> Prada Nargesa – Development of the international market

  As a further step in the process of consolidating the internationalization of the company, Prada Nargesa has boarded on a commercial trip to one of our most powerful markets

> CGTech – Vericut 8.1 include the new Additive Simulation Capabilities

    CGTech announced the next Version of its world leading CNC Simulation software, Vericut 8.1 will include a new Additive Manufacturing (AM) simulation module. With the advent of hybrid machining

Teda > Compact press brake SCM 16.5 cnc

    The compact press brakes SCM 16.5 cnc has an extremely fast bending cycle thanks to the elimination of all the deceleration times, speed changes, etc. High time saving

AlmaCam > Automatic nesting demonstrator web and cloud

    100% web, 100% cloud for the version of automatic nesting demonstrator in the cloud. Thanks to this 100% web-based application incorporating a complete make-over of its ergonomics, Alma enables

transfluid > tube bending machine t bend DB 40127 CNC VE, better bending with automated tool change

        For tubes with diameters of up to 127 mm and bending radii of 1 x D and more High flexibility, fast process and a minimizing of

Rollwasch Italiana > Robotic finishing for equipments’ producers

    Robotic Finishing The Robogrind programme (Robot Grinding Systems) is born from the symbiosis between Rollwasch® and high experiencing domestic partners in the specific field of robotic grinding. The

Roesler > Fully automatic mass finishing system offers high throughput

      Efficient deburring of a wide range of automotive parts In few other industries are the quality requirements for parts and assemblies as stringent as in the automotive

Misumi > DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) surface coating to protect surfaces

        DLC innovative surface technology with outstanding features A DLC (diamond-like carbon) surface coating is produced in a method of chemical (CVD) or physical (PVD) vapour deposition

LVD > Next generation of adaptive bending technology

      LVD launches the next generation of adaptive bending technology LVD introduces Synchro-Form adaptive bending technology LVD introduces Synchro-Form, the next leap in adaptive bending technology. Synchro-Form automatically

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