> CFT Rizzardi – Tool magazine MAG 20 / 2: high capacity with 320 tools

Italy, Rivalta di Torino – 320 tools HSK 32, in a structure proportionally small


CFT Rizzardi, always attentive and sensitive to market needs, proposes the tool magazine MAG 20 / 2 with high capacity, new and original product at the EMO 2017 in Hannover.

In view of the growing demand for magazines with high capacity of tools – a requirement that is essentially due to the increasingly frequent use of unattended CNC machines, i.e. able to work and produce 24 hours a day.

Tool magazine MAG 20 / 2: capacity to increase with additional plates

CFT Rizzardi: Tool magazine MAG 20 / 2.CFT Rizzardi: Tool magazine MAG 20 / 2.

CFT Rizzardi: Tool magazine MAG 20 / 2.



The tool magazine MAG 20/2 contains 320 tools HSK 32, in a structure proportionally small (1,200 x 1,200 mm for 2,250 mm height) on 2 storage plates, each with 160 tools.

Capacity can be increased by using additional magazine plates, each with 160 utensils.

The patented CFT Rizzardi system handles tools

The handling of tool holders is carried out with the traditional patented CFT Rizzardi system, with thrust pallets type CTA and powered by servomotors. The overturning of the selected tool holder is achieved by pneumatic cylinder.
The magazine is completed by a slide driven by a servomotor carrying an exchanger with mechanical gripper.

Extruded aluminium cabin for the magazine

The gripper picks up the tool from the magazine and transfers it directly to the machine or to an external fixed station or to a buffer magazine.
The whole magazine is enclosed in an extruded aluminum cabin with plexiglass windows and also with gateways for manual tool loading and maintenance.
The magazine can be supplied with electrical cabinet for autonomous control with programming panel and dialogue function with CNC machine tool.
The magazine MAG 20 could be manufactured for small and medium-sized tools, as shown in the table, for all types of tool holders ISO, HSK, Capto, etc. and for tools weight 2 to 10 kg.



CTA .. HSL: magazine tool changer compact.

CTA .. HSL: magazine tool changer, compact, high capacity for small machining centres.

CTA .. HSL: magazine tool changer, compact, high capacity for small machining centres

The automatic tool changer type CTA 20 HSL has been especially studied for small machining centres and, at the beginning for machine tools for watches and jewellery machining.









At present the typical need on all NC machines, is to increase the capacity of the tool magazines, in order to increase the versatility with minimum expenditure of time for the re-equipment of the machine in the phase of production change.

So if in the past were required maximum capacities in the magazine of tools 30-40, it is currently required capacity of 80 to 160 tools.

While large and medium machines have spaces sufficient for large magazines, in small machines spaces are very limited.

More info about: CFT Rizzardi


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