> Filtering units for machine tools: purification of air from dust, fumes and gases

Italy, Predaia: thirty-year experience gained in the field of air filtration


Tama Aernova is producer of filtering units and components founded in July 2016 by the merger between Tama S.p.A. and Aernova Engineering S.r.l.

The thirty-year experience gained by both companies in the field of air filtration has allowed the new reality to impose itself as a leader of the sector at an international level in the design, production and supply of products for the purification of air from dust, fumes and gases from the various phases of industrial processing.


Thirty-year experience gained in the field of air filtration by Tama Aernova.



Filtering units for machine tools: purification of air

Tama Aernova operates in various industrial sectors with the aim of satisfying and serving accurately and professionally requests from all over the world. Thanks to its excellent expertise, as well as offering a wide range of standard products, it is characterized by the design and construction of customized products.
The experience and the know-how gained during the years, and also the continuous innovation and product improvement, allow Tama Aernova to invest more effort in extending its product range within the oil mist filtration sector.

The products belonging to these sector consist of:

  • Units to be installed on board (Antares and Explorer lines);
  • High performance suction power units (Iperoil, Aermist, Ar lines) mainly used in several work centres (centralized systems) or machines tools with high processing volumes.
The Antares filters by Tama Aernova for suction and filtering problems caused by CNC machines.

The Antares filters by Tama Aernova for suction and filtering problems caused by CNC machines.

Machine tools filter: Antares filters to solve suction and filtering problems caused by CNC machines

This line is the true solution to the suction and filtering problems caused by CNC machines. The reduced size of this products and their practicality of use give the possibility of being mounted both vertically and horizontally.
The filtering units for machine tools are designed according to the parameters of modern technology, they specifically refer to the “machine tools” sector which use both neat oil and oil emulsions as a lubricating coolant. The monolithic metallic structure, characterized by a curved design, is entirely welded and painted with furnace-backed polyester varnish.

This line is equipped with a pre-drilled rectangular connection flange that allows the filter to be easily  installed on the machine tool structure. The range of Antares varies from 800 m3/h up to 1.800 m3/h, covering all the requirements of suction of medium and small CNC machines.

Explorer is the filtration system created by Tama Aernova for high-performance machine tools.

Explorer is the filtering unit system created by Tama Aernova for high-performance machine tools.

For aspiration and filtration problems, the Explorer filters

This line is aimed at high-performance machine tools that, during their work, develop a large amount of mists and oily fumes inside the fairing, thus representing the complete and definitive solution to aspiration and filtration problems.
Designed according to the parameters of modern technology, they feature a metallic structure characterized by a fully welded rounded frame and containment panels. This allows the production of two-color filters.
That line has also a circular connection inlet to be connected to the suction point of the CNC machines and is equipped with silentblocks at the bottom and eyebolts for lifting at the top. The range of  Explorer varies from 800 m³/h up to 2.500 m³/h, covering all the requirements of suction of medium and large CNC machines.
This line, like the Antares, is divided into two configurations, electrostatic and mechanical, and both can provide absolute post filtration.

The Iperoil filtration system is perfect where high amounts of oil mists and fumes are produced during machining.

The Iperoil filtration system is perfect where high amounts of oil mists and fumes are produced during machining.

Iperoil filters when high amounts of oil mists and fumes are produced during machining

The Iperoil line has been designed to be applied to machine tools larger than 10 m³ casing and for centralized multi-suction systems. Designed according to modern technology, these filter units have high performance both in suction and filtration: this feature make them suitable for applications in the mechanical sector where high amounts of oil mists and fumes are produced during machining.
Iperoil main filtering element is the pleated cartridge, with a pre-filtration pad, mounted horizontally and easily accessible from the front door. The horizontal position of the cartridge allows easy maintenance from the outside, without contact with the inner part of the filter.
The peculiar characteristic of the Iperoil filtration system is to be self-draining during the stop phases.
However, if continuous machine operation is required, it is recommended the non-stop self-draining version that is characterized by the presence of a DC gearmotor. It rotates the cartridge by 45°, every 8 hours of operation, allowing complete drainage of the higher sectors of the cartridge itself and allowing the filter to be used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
The complete Iperoil filter configuration consists of:

  • Metallic pre-filtration.
  • Drops separator.
  • Pre-filtration draining pad.
  • Pleated filtering cartridge.
  • Absolute filtration.
  • Soundproof suction group.

The Iperoil range has flow rates from 2.500 m³/h up to 32.000 m³/h, which cover all the suction requirements of large CNC machines and centralized applications.
The Antares, Explorer and Iperoil filters are designed and configured in order to be the most suitable for filtration and treatment of oil mist and fumes.

Standard electrical configuration for the filtration systems

Thanks to the use of LED technology, they also feature retro-illuminated logo and LED strips with green, yellow and red colours for user interface reporting.
The standard electrical configuration of these filters is equipped with an electronic card that offers, in addition to the possibility of calibration on the 3 suction speeds, the ability to interface with machine tool controls for both alarm signals and remote start and stop.
The determination of Tama Aernova aims at the research and at new projects in order to be able to offer optimized products with high performances. Alongside other developments in the field of oil mist filtration, Tama Aernova try to offer optimized products to a more demanding market with excellent features, less squandering and more saving, both of costs and spaces. This will include, among other things, describing and defining the specific testing and assessment procedures needed to determine the quality of the filters.

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