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Tool holding with high performance machining 

Safe-Lock™ – The pull out protection for the shank tools. High performance machining (HPM) of difficult to machine materials places enormous demands on tool holding. Therefore, the order of the day always includes the fact that a slow micro-creeping movement takes place and the tool is pulled out of the chuck due to the high degree of axial forces.

Even frictional clamping methods with extremely high clamping forces can often not prevent micro-creeping. Thus, high quality work pieces become scrap.

As a consequence, the cutting data on the machine tool is often reduced. Therefore the maximum performance limits of the machine and tools is not completely taken advantage of; machining is ineffective.





The Safe-Lock™ System offers help

In the Safe-Lock™ (Safe-λock®; S-λ®) System, special drive keys in the chuck and grooves in the tool shank prevent the milling cutter from spinning during extreme machining or that it is pulled out of the chuck. In addition to the frictional clamping forces of the particular clamping system, the tool is held using positive locking in the tool holder through the constructive design of the Safe-Lock™ System.

The combination of pull-out protection and best runout accuracy lead to a low vibration and as a result very efficient machining.

Due to the increased cutting depths and feeds, the metal removal rate can be increased by up to 100%, and to a similar degree tool wear decreases due to the excellent runout characteristics.




On the safe side with Safe-Lock™:


  • For High Performance Cutting (HPC).
  • Highly accurate clamping due to shrink fit technology.
  • High torque due to form closed clamping.
  • No loss of accuracy.
  • No pull out of the tool.
  • No spinning of the tool.
  • No damages on work piece or machine.
  • Groove on tool shank is directed so that tool will be pulled into the chuck (depending on direction of rotation).
  • Patent granted: licensing for cutting tool manufacturers possible.
  • New: Safe-Lock™ available for shank diammeter 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.



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