Harting > Connector PushPull for applications where data needs to bridge large distances

Italy, Vimodrone – The connector SFP XS can be easily and quickly connected to a transceiver pre assembled on site




steckverbinder-pushpull-sfp-xs-hartingPushPull SFP XS: the solution for demanding tasks
The connector PushPull SFP XS can be easily and quickly connected to a transceiver pre-assembled on site.
In applications where data needs to bridge large distances, the medium of choice is fibre optics. This applies to e.g. the field of telecommunications or camera-based surveillance of large areas in the process industry. Transmission rates of more than 10Gbit/s or distances well over 100 metres make fibre optics the inevitable choice. Dirt is the biggest problem for an optical connector. No problem, however, for the HARTING PushPull SFP XS. The connector will be a highlight at the trade fair „electronica” (8 – 11 November 2016 in Munich; Hall B2 / Stand 542).



Dirt and damage to contact surfaces are the biggest problem for an optical connector

The biggest problems facing an optical connector are dirt and damage to contact surfaces for the transceiver. The transceiver converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. Contamination can result in poor or useless signals. PushPull SFP XS connectors don’t have this problem.

They can be easily and quickly connected to a transceiver pre-assembled on site. Implementing the principle of Optical Connection – Electrical Transmission – but without having to open the optical link. The optical contacts are protected even in dirty operating environments to guarantee a clean signal.

Another highlight of the PushPull SFP XS is its sophisticated locking mechanism. Despite a compact design it is compatible with various transceiver lengths and gives clear haptic and acoustic feedback to the user to indicate a secure connection. The safe and trouble-free transmission solution for FO applications in harsh environments.



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