> Hawe – eDesign the graphical programming interface easy to use

Italy, Cinisello Balsamo – Design programs and to install it directly on the electronic control


With eDesign HAWE Hydraulik presents a graphical programming interface for the first time.

eDesign enables the user to design programs and to install it directly on the electronic control without knowing a programming language.

Clear interface, intuitive operation to program complex applications easily.


Graphical programming interface for non expert to program complex applications

The new cloud-based, graphical programming interface for electronic control systems, HAWE eDesign, offers users a clear interface with intuitive operation.

A complex programming code, consisting of thousands of lines, is replaced by only one graphical notation. This allows even non-experts to program complex applications.

The graphically “programmed” logic will be compiled automatically on a server into the actual program code, which is required by the electronic control.

This is then installed on the control by a click of a mouse. The machine can be put into operation immediately.

In addition, HAWE eDesign allows users to define basic parameters such as setpoints, ramps, etc.


The eDesign is, is a software cloud based by HAWE.

The eDesign is, is a graphical programming interface, cloud based by HAWE, ideally suited to facilitate the transition from on/off valve technology to proportional control.

HAWE eDesign a software cloud based

The software is cloud-based and therefore accessible from anywhere 24/7. It can be accessed via all common browsers.

HAWE eDesign already includes a large number of functions to program either the CAN-knot type CAN-IO or the electronic amplifier plug type EV2Sof HAWE Hydraulik.

The programming interface, developed in-house, is ideally suited to facilitate the transition from on/off valve technology to proportional control, and is primarily intended for low to medium complex programming. Built-in tutorials and hints simplify the use.

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