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Italy, Castellanza – Corporate philosophy for customer satisfaction

KYB, one of the world’s main manufacturers of OE and aftermarket shock absorbers, has always used its know-how in the hydraulics field to the benefit of its customers, turning its vocation for precision and the accuracy of its design and production into an advantage for repairers and drivers.

The baseline which accompanies KYB’s logo, “Our Precision, Your Advantage”, goes a long way in describing the company’s strategic vision.

Aspect coherent with the daily practice within the company

This very evident aspect (it’s part of the company’s brand; a corporate philosophy cold hardly be more explicit) is perfectly coherent with the mission and daily practice within the company.

Internal communication however allows to introduce different shades of meaning: while slogans are by definition simple and immediate, in order to express a philosophy some more carefully worded expressions may come into play.

Monozukuri describes the corporate mission

In KYB’s circles, for instance, the keyword which describes the corporate mission is “monozukuri”. This is a complex concept, linked to “producing things” (the expression’s literal meaning) but which also includes the idea of “manufacturing experience”.

It describes a form of corporate management and organization finalized towards constant improvement, so that the production of things may become more than just an occurrence, almost an inevitable part of daily activity, but actually an ongoing growth process, which makes use of experience to become increasingly efficient, with improvements in quality and environment-friendliness, creating a reciprocal and increasing satisfaction in employees and clients alike.

Complete flexibility

Having a keyword summarizing the company’s mission which deliberately includes so many shades of meaning enhances the company’s flexibility in satisfying the diverse requests of its many stakeholders.

This versatility is evidently shown at corporate level, by the variety of industries where KYB has succeeded in applying its competence in hydraulics, from the building and construction industry, where sophisticated technologies protect from earthquakes even such building as Tokyo’s Sky Tree, the world’s second tallest skyscraper, to air and rail transportation, with shock absorbers for the landing gear of Boeing’s 777 and for the Shinkansen bullet-train.

Car shock absorber segment

Even in the car shock absorber segment, which to this date is KYB’s main activity, the flexibility in supplies and the capability of meeting the most different requirements are reflected by the wide range, with many product lines fit for practically every car and driver.

The product range, besides being wide enough to cover the car park almost completely (KYB’s parts may be used to service 235 million cars in Europe), can also offer many drivers more than one option to replace their shock absorbers.

Cars and light commercial vehicles for logistic

Besides shocks for cars, KYB also dedicates special attention to the LCV segment, being well aware of the growing importance of logistics, both as an industry in its own accord and as a competitive factor.

As well as producing spare parts for most LCVs, KYB also dedicates to these essential professional supports many of the video tutorials present on the company’s YouTUbe channel KYB Video – as a support for repair shops.

These videos help in overcoming the difficulties in shock replacement which may derive from unusual aspects in the vehicles’ design.

Among the most appreciated videos are the ones concerning Nissan Primastar, Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro, Volkswagen Transporter Multivan and the ever-popular Fiat Doblò and Doblò Cargo. Depending on which replacement implies the most complex operations, videos may illustrate replacement methods for front applications, rear, or both.

Solutions for all requirements

How is it possible to determine which type of shocks is most appropriate for each car? This of course depends on the original shock, and on the type of use: KYB designs its parts so as to ensure that the car’s performances after replacement will be, at the very least, equivalent to those of the car when it left the factory, but often enough the quality of the ride may actually improve with respect to this standard.
If OE shocks are hydraulic, a replacement chosen from KYB’s Premium line will return the car to tis original performances.

Convenient and highly performing, Premium was specifically designed to make up for wear of other components of the suspension system, providing a more comfortable ride and greater precision in direction.

Better performances with the shock absorber

A hydraulic shock may however also be preplaced by an Excel-G shock: performances may actually become better than when the vehicle was new.
Excel-G shocks, struts and cartridges, by means of a patented valve system and using nitrogen under pressure, provide a great driving comfort and at the same time greatly reduce the air infiltrations which often occur with other shocks. Besides having three-stage dual valves and a teflon-coated piston valve, Excel-G shocks also have a seamless cylinder and eye ring to eliminate any leakage; bushings and sleeves are bonded, and the piston rod is hard-chromed.

Excel G part

If the original shock is gas-hydraulic, an Excel-G part will be able to restore the vehicle to its pristine shape.
And what about vehicles with monotube OE shocks? In this case the best choice to replace them when they are worn is Gas-A Just, a high pressure monotube shock, which will restore the vehicle to its original performances and condition.

The importance to check the shock absorbers

Whatever shock may be more suitable for the single car and driving style, KYB recommends to check shocks every 20.000 km and replace them every 80.000 km; shocks must always be replaced in pairs.

And of course, to ensure the type of comfort, safety and performance, in short, the excellent quality standards implied by the monozukuri philosophy, it is important to choose all parts – shocks, springs, mounting and protection kits – with OE quality: to play safe, all you need to do is opt for KYB.

Info about KYB:

KYB is one of the main manufacturers of OE shocks and struts in the world; the company offers products of the same excellent quality to the European aftermarket. KYB Europe also provides a complete range of coil springs, suspension mounting kits and protection kits.

More info about: KYB Europe

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