> Machine tool filtration system Iperoil by Tama Aernova

Italy, Predaia: high performance both in suction and filtration where oil mists and fumes are produced during machining


The machine tool filtration system Iperoil have been designed by Tama Aernova to be applied to machine tools with larger than 10 m³ casing and for centralized multi-suction systems. Tama Aernova is an italian producer of filter systems for different applications.

Iperoil, designed according to modern technology, these filter units have high performance both in suction and filtration: this feature make them suitable for applications in the mechanical sector where high amounts of oil mists and fumes are produced during machining.


Iperoil main filtering element is the pleated cartridge, with a pre-filtration pad, mounted horizontally and easily accessible from the front door.

The horizontal position of the cartridge allows easy maintenance from the outside, without contact with the inner part of the filter.

The Iperoil line filters designed for machine tools with larger than 10 m³ casing and for centralized multi-suction systems.

The Iperoil line filters designed for machine tools with larger than 10 m³ casing and for centralized multi-suction systems.

Machine tool filtration system Iperoil: self draining in the stop phases or non stop version

The peculiar characteristic of the Iperoil filtration system is to be self-draining during the stop phases. However, if continuous machine operation is required, it is recommended the non-stop self-draining version, characterized by the presence of a DC gearmotor that, every 8 hours of operation, rotates the cartridge by 45°, allowing complete drainage of the higher sectors of the cartridge itself and allowing the filter to be used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The complete Iperoil filter configuration consists of:

  • Metallic pre-filtration.
  • Drops separator.
  • Pre-filtration draining pad.
  • Pleated filtering cartridge.
  • Absolute filtration.
  • Soundproof suction group.

Interface with machine tool controls for remote start and stop

The standard electrical configuration is equipped with an electronic card that interfaces with machine tool controls for both alarm signals and remote start and stop.

The Iperoil filter, thanks to the use of LED technology, also features retro-illuminated logo and LED strips with green, yellow and red colors for user interface reporting.The IPEROIL range has flow rates from 2.500 m³/h up to 32.000 m³/h, which cover all the suction requirements of large CNC machines and centralized applications.

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