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M.T. srl operates in the field of the design and manufacturing of static and driven toolholders for CNC turning centers, as well as a prime contractor for third party mechanical machining.

The company was established in 1972 as third party supplier of high quality, mechanically machined, fully finished products. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of turning applications, M.T. began manufacturing driven toolholders for CNC lathes in 1995.

More then 6,000 different models for CNC lathes

During the years, M.T. highly increased the product range, which now consists in more than 6,000 different models, suitable to equip all the major brands of CNC lathes. All the toolholders are designed and manufactured internally.
The static toolholders are engineered to the highest stability and precision, both for turning as for boring operations.

M.T. designs and manufactures static and driven toolholders.

M.T. designs and manufactures static and driven toolholders for CNC turning centers.

Boring bar holders and turning toolholders

M.T manufactures multiple boring bar holders, suitable for the assembly of up to 4+4 boring bars simultaneously for machining on the main and on sub spindle, as well as endmill cutter holders and multiple boring bar toolholders. The company produces also turning toolholders suitable for the simultaneous assembly of 2 or 4 cutting tools.
The driven toolholders are engineered adopting state of the art technical solutions, joining precision and high cutting capacity in order to push the machine to the limit of its performances.

The standard driven toolholders 

M.T. offers standard driven toolholders, also with multiple outputs, as well as special solutions designed according to customer’s application.
M.T. is leader in the world in the field of the advanced applications: keyways, splines profiles, internal and external gears, high speed drilling and milling are possible directly on the standard CNC lathe, using our products.

The highest quality is always the primary goal. The 95% of the parts used on the toolholders are manufactured internally on high precision machines, the supply chain is monitored constantly. 100% of our production is subject to final testing and every product can be easily traced.

The main target of M.T. is to satisfy customer’s need in a fast and efficient way. Thanks to the stocking strategy, it is possible to assure that the range of static and driven toolholders is available for shipment in just a few days.

In order to simplify the research for the suitable solution for your application, M.T. realizes an automatic configurator, available on our website (www.mtmarchetti.com) and as downloadable app for tablet devices.

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