> noax – The industrial pc with multi touch functionality for applications in food and hygiene

Germany, Edersberg – The Steel PCAP Touch S21WP Industrial PC



Multi-touch functionality for the industrial pc for industrial applications in food and hygiene: the new noax Steel PCAP Touch S21WP Industrial PC.

Ruggedness combined with the latest technology and sleek design

With the S21WP, an industrial PC with proven quality and ruggedness, combined with the latest technology and sleek design, noax Technologies AG is a proven leader in the development and production of industrial computers. A noticeable feature is the rugged housing made of finely polished stainless steel, combined with a new robust touchscreen made of hardened safety glass. Users will be impressed with the 16:9 full-HD displays, and the PCAP touch technology that can be used with gloves. Universal application guaranteed thanks to a comprehensive range of on-board interfaces. The S21WP, full proprietary development by noax, is available in two versions – IP65 or IP69K protection rating.

Multi touch functionality for industrial applications

noax Technologies AG is launching a revolutionary new generation of PCs with multi-touch functionality for industrial applications. The noax S21WP features a high-performance motherboard and innovative PCAP touchscreen technology. The display boasts a 21-inch full-HD display in 16:9 formats with non-reflecting, hardened glass front without gaps or joints.

The fully-sealed housing of the new noax S21WP is made of finely polished V2A stainless steel and offers an attractive appearance. It also provides the basis for the proven heat management system designed by noax, and its IP69K protection rating certified by an independent institute. These are ideal features to meet tough hygienic requirements or demanding industrial environments.

The stainless steel industrial PC features special food-safe screws and EPDM seals in order to prevent hygienically critical undercuts or dead spaces. The unit stands up against tough sanitation processes including the use of harsh chemicals and high-pressure washdowns.

The PCAP touch industrial PC protects against shocks and vibrations thanks to its special grouting for gaps, which has the additional function of an anti-shock mounting.

Innovative touch technology with the intelligent PCAP (projected capacitive)

With the noax S21WP, the intelligent PCAP (projected capacitive) technology has been perfected for industrial application, allowing for the first time a meaningful use of multi-touch technologies even in challenging industrial environments. What makes it unique is the operation with gloves even under extreme environmental conditions, and the functionality in the edge area. Even near the edge of the display, it has an excellent touch sensitivity, better than ever achieved before. Users have at their disposal an extremely high-performance, precise multi-touch functionality that allows intuitive, smartphone-oriented gesture control.

Fast and secure access to frequently used functions is provided by three illuminated, freely programmable PCAP function keys that are integrated in the display frame. In combination with the bright touch display, the noax Industrial PC offers an optimum balance between a small footprint and user-friendly, clear operation. The IPC meets all requirements for applications such as in industrial environments under challenging conditions, in sanitary areas such as in clinical areas, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, and in the food processing industry.

In combination with the specially secured plug connectors, the sophisticated all-in-one motherboard without loose cables and the 3-step heat management, the proven noax quality and noax reliability are guaranteed.

Individually configurable and expandable

The new noax Steel S21WP industrial PC is available with a 21-inch full-HD touchscreen 16:9 display. The industrial PC offers future reliability thanks to its user-friendly design and expandable interfaces. The MCU, noax nSMART tool, ensures easy servicing and integration capabilities into existing solutions. The integrated nSMART software allows for easy configuration of the PC, application-specific peripherals, monitoring and controlling of voltage, temperature, etc. This guarantees maximum operational safety and reliability.

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