Omega > PID controller microprocessor based to have flexibility in process production

United Kingdom, Manchester – Autotune PID with fuzzy logic adaptive control




High accuracy, fast responding, low cost temperature and process controllers

  • High Performance (20 Samples / Sec), High Accuracy.
  • Extremely Versatile yet Easy and Intuitive to Use.
  • Full Autotune PID with Fuzzy Logic Adaptive Control.
  • Up to 6 Programmable Control/Alarm/Retransmission Outputs.
  • Up to 99 Programs with 8 Ramps and 8 Soaks, Plus Chaining.
  • USB Interface Allows Set-Up Through Free PC Software. Configuration can be Backed-up/Reloaded with a memory Stick.
  • Meter and Alarm only versions also available.



Description of the controller

The Platinum Series family of microprocessor-based PID controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in process measurement. While extremely powerful and versatile, great care has gone into designing a product that is very easy to set-up and use. The automatic hardware configuration recognition eliminates the need for jumpers and allows the firmware to automatically simplify itself, eliminating all menu options that do not apply to a specific configuration. Offered in 1⁄32, 1⁄16, and 1⁄8 DIN sizes, the 1⁄16 and 1⁄8 DIN models can be configured with dual displays.




Selection of input type from 9 thermocouple types

Each unit allows the user to select the input type from 9 thermocouple types, PRT/RTD sensors, thermistors and DC voltage, or DC current. The full bidirectional voltage or current inputs are fully scalable to virtually all engineering units, with a selectable decimal point that is perfect for use with pressure, flow, or other process input.

Up to 6 programmable outputs including the isolated analogue and additional features make this the most powerful product in its class. Standard features include: remote set-point for cascaded control, high-high/low-low alarms, external latch reset, external ramp and soak initiation, combination heat/cool control mode and configuration save and transfer.





Free Downloadable Software, free downloadable configurator Windows® application software

  • Fully Configure all PLATINUM Functions/Parameters.
  • Auto-Connect Through USB Channel.
  • Load/Save PLATINUM Configuration Files.
  • Performance Tracking (Charting) with Data Capture


An advanced multi-stage ramp and soak sequencer supports up to 99 profiles of 8 segment ramp/soak sequences. Profiles may be linked to provide extended sequences and auxiliary outputs may be triggered based on individual Ramp or Soak states to provide external control over blowers, mixers or other auxiliary control functions.





Embedded Ethernet and Serial Communications

Optional “embedded ethernet” on the 1⁄16 and 1⁄8 DIN models allow the units to connect directly to an Ethernet network and transmit data in standard TCP/IP packets, or serve Web pages over a LAN or the Internet. Optional serial communications are also available configurable as RS232 or RS485, with straightforward ASCII commands or MODBUS®. All three types of communications interfaces can be installed and active simultaneously.





LabVIEW™ Driver

The Platinum LabVIEW™ driver is the National Instrument device driver for communicating with Omega Platinum Controllers via Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP protocols. The driver allows easy access to the internal data, configuration settings, and operating functions of the Platinum product family.

The LabVIEW™ instrument driver reduces the application development time and simplifies instrument control. With the Platinum LabVIEW driver, customers can quickly communicate with the instrument and develop robust test applications and software.






Support for the easy-to-use DasyLab software solves complex data acquisition and control problems by allowing you to work with flowcharts directly on your PC screen. The high input accuracy, advanced process control, extended sequencing capability and flexible output options of a Platinum controller may be easily integrated with the rich set of function modules provide by the DasyLab software. The DasyLab software may be integrated thru the Platinum serial, Ethernet or USB connections.




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