> Panel bender P2L-2120 by Salvagnini: world debut at Blechexpo 2017

Germany, Stuttgart: in the kingdom of “panel bending 4.0” the Smart solutions for the 4.0 factory


Panel bender P2L-2120 by Salvagnini: arrived the world debut for the last compact system created from the italian produces.

Salvagnini panel benders incorporate the potential of “panel bending 4.0”; no longer just simple machines but process solutions that the company custom builds, based on their customers’ needs. Salvagnini boasts the widest range of products available on the market and a genuine culture of panel bending, built up over an experience of more than forty years.


At the Blechexpo 2017 the world debut of the new compact panel bender P2L-2120, capable of bending up to 2,180 mm in length and 203 mm in height.


Salvagnini owns the largest panel bender production factory in the world, in Austria, and is market leader with more than 3,000 panel benders installed. Constantly at the forefront in the design and production of technology aimed at concrete production advantages and meeting market needs, Salvagnini offers as many as 14 automatic bending solutions.

1977 september, forty years ago the firt panel bender P4 (designed by the Engineer Giulio Salvagnini) with the last P4 model.

1977 september, forty years ago the firt panel bender P4 (designed by the Engineer Guido Salvagnini) with the last P4 model.

The story starts from the panel bender P4 (model 1977)

The story of the panel bender is undoubtedly a success that started exactly forty years ago, in September 1977, with the presentation of the first panel bender P4 prototype.

Nowadays, Salvagnini is a reference on the so called “panel bending 4.0”, a process flexible as never before, whose application boundaries are extended to sectors and environments that have always been considered poorly suited to panel benders.



The panel bender P2lean-2120 by Salvagnini, naturally incorporates all the most evolved bending technology, essential tool for Industry 4.0 solution.

The panel bender P2lean-2120 by Salvagnini, naturally incorporates all the most evolved bending technology, essential tool for Industry 4.0 solution.

Panel bender P2L-2120 in its world debut at the Blechexpo 2017

Blechexpo is the showcase selected by Salvagnini to present the world debut of the new, compact P2L-2120 panel bender, capable of bending up to 2,180 mm in length and 203 mm in height.

P2lean is one of the most successful panel bender models, and the one presented in Stuttgart is, for its versatility and potentiality, yet another step forwards for this intelligent production tool.
The new panel bender P2lean-2120 naturally incorporates all the most evolved bending technology that, integrated with new technical devices, aligns this machine to sustainable development milestones identified by Salvagnini to make its solutions essential tools for the 4.0 factory.

Panel bender P2lean-2120 equipped with the automatic blankholder (ABA) and negative auxiliary blades (CLAN)

The panel bender P2lean-2120 is equipped with ABA automatic blankholder and CLAN negative auxiliary blades that increase its already significant versatility and allow production in kit and in sequence with masked time tool set up, that means no change-over time.

P2lean-2120, like all panel benders in the Salvagnini range, implements the MAC2.0 adaptive technology, that makes it independent from the quality of material being processed: the panel bender detects in masked time any variations in the material being processed; if relevant they are automatically compensated by the adjustment of the blade movements, guaranteeing constant quality of the bend even with a variation in the material inside the batch, and eliminating waste even in the presence of limited quantity production batches.

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