Prada Nargesa > Profile bending machine serie MC400 with three traction rollers

Spain, Palau de Santa Eulàlia – Machine to work with pipes to obtain a perfect finish of the parts



The bending machine of the series MC400 produced by Prada Nargesa is made of steel, it has got three traction rollers, pinion transmisions, treated and rectified axis, 40 mm diameter.




The bending machine MC400 NARGESA, made of welded and mechanized steel sheet.

The bending machine MC400 NARGESA, made of welded and mechanized steel sheet.

The bending machine MC400 of Prada Nargesa

Section bending machine MC400 NARGESA, made of welded and mechanized steel sheet. Different from others, this one is not made of cast iron. Ideal for making flanges, greenhouses, balausters, tables, chairs, doors, windows. This bending machine can produce a great number of circular shape in all kinds of profiles. Its robustness, axis diameter, reducer capacity and other features, make it one of the best bending machines in the market, within the category of three traction rollers, which is an essential condition to work with pipes and obtain a perfect finish.

All products Nargesa are according to the European directives and regulations CE regarding manufacturing of industrial machinery.



The technical features of the bending machine series MC400:

  • Three traction rollers, ideal and essential to bend round pipe, with smooth surface not to get the pipe or profile damaged.
  • Safe transmision by treated and flat pinions.
  • Steel treated and rectified axis.
  • Axis diameter: 40 mm.
  • Useful length of axis: 80 mm.
  • Max. bending capacity in round pipes: 2-1/2 inch or 63.5 mm.
  • Bending regulation apart from the lower rollers which permits to make bending operations in smaller diameters and to give better use to the material than in other bending machines.
  • It’s equipped with 9 standard rollers by means of which you can make all kinds of profiles. (Square pipe, rectangular, solid square bar, round and rectangular, U profile, T profile, angle, flat bar, edge flat bar.
  • Diameter of rollers: 130 mm.
  • Millimeter scales to know the rollers position.
  • Vertical or Horizontal working position. (According to the working table).
  • Side corrector rollers to rule the bending operation.
  • Engine power: 1,1 KW / 1.5 HP.
  • 3-phased tension: 230/400 V.
  • For single phased machines, request quotation.
  • Rollers speed: 7 RPM.


Its robustness, axis dimension, adjustment of lower axis and other features, make it one of the best bending machines in the market.

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