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Germany, Untermerzbach – Deburring of saw cut, stamped and bent sheet metal parts




The new mass finishing system consists of a work piece loading unit, four (4) rotary vibrators, two (2) high performance magnetic separators for separating the finished work pieces from the media, a post separation station and work piece transport. Sophisticated controls allow for fully automatic operation, from the loading of the raw parts to backfilling the finished parts into the waiting part bins. A bar code reader combined with a Siemens PLC allows the selection of work piece specific processing programs.

Efficient deburring of a wide range of automotive parts

In few other industries are the quality requirements for parts and assemblies as stringent as in the automotive industry. The increasing variety of parts, combined with increasing cost pressures, demand exceptionally flexible and efficient manufacturing equipment. In order to increase their productivity and cost efficiency, a global automotive parts supplier invested in a fully automatic mass finishing system for the deburring of saw cut, stamped and bent sheet metal parts. The system consists of a work piece loading unit, four (4) rotary vibrators, two (2) high performance magnetic separators, for separating the finished work pieces from the media, a post separation station and work piece transport.



High capacity of surface finishing equipment, quality and cost efficiency

Saw cut, stamped and bent sheet metal parts for the automotive industry are produced in the millions. To meet this demand, a key requirement for any type of surface finishing equipment is a high capacity, of course, quality and cost efficiency is equally important. It is not surprising that these essential prerequisites would be demanded by a globally operating automotive part supplier. Based on their excellent experience with a machine built in Untermerzbach that has been running very well for the past 25 years, the customer chose a new mass finishing system from Rösler. Crucial was the customized equipment concept comprised of four (4) rotary vibrators, high-performance magnetic separation, work piece handling and sophisticated automation. From the beginning a team of specialists from Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH, including staff from engineering, process water treatment and the test lab, were involved in the discussions with the customer to ensure that the required specifications were fully met.




The 90° incline (“mound”) in the processing channel increases the pressure resulting in a significantly higher grinding performance. The finished parts are separated magnetically from the media eliminating the need for a separation flap and screen.

Gentle batch processing

The finishing of the work pieces, which are covered with oil and metal cuttings takes place in batches weighing up to 800 kg (1,760 lbs.). The bins filled with raw parts are placed in the loading unit and moved/tilted into the preset unload position. To minimize drop heights and ensure a gentle transfer of the somewhat delicate parts, the bin is tilted by 180° before the retaining flap is opened and the parts are transferred into a movable vibratory feed hopper with the flap acting as a transfer chute. The hopper then travels to the next empty rotary vibrator and feeds the raw parts into the machine. Selected for this process was the model R 1050 A, a special high performance vibratory machine ideal for midsize and large work pieces, with a capacity of approximately 1,050 liters (37 cuft). The processing channel, lined with a wear resistant polyether-polyurethane material, contains a 90° incline (“mound”), which significantly increases the grinding pressure and process stability by ensuring that flat work pieces do not stick to each other. The systems control automatically directs the moving vibratory hopper to the next empty machine. Likewise, by scanning the work piece bar code at the loading station the suitable processing program is selected from a program library stored in the PLC.



The importance of media selection due to the large variety of work piece shapes and sizes

Due to the large variety of work piece shapes and sizes, media selection was very critical, not only with regard to the required finishing results but also the overall costs. Since all consumables are developed and produced in-house, Rösler was able to offer a tailor-made solution. For deburring and edge radiusing of the saw cut, stamped and bent sheet metal parts, Rösler selected a cleaning compound with strong degreasing characteristics that also provides temporary corrosion protection. A ceramic angle cut triangle proved to be the optimum media choice. The selected shape and angle cut offers a high grinding effect and a high uptime. Depending on the work piece type, processing times per batch can vary between 20 and 40 minutes.




The specially selected ceramic abrasive media has been developed by Rösler, tested in the in-house test lab and, of course, is manufactured at the locations in Untermerzbach and Hausen.

Effective, quick separation

Because of the large variety of work pieces with different shapes and the high throughput requirements, Rösler chose two (2) high performance magnetic separators, model R 1050 MS-E-V for separating the finished parts from the media. They are equipped with adjustable electro magnets and wheels to move between the different rotary vibrators. The design of the work bowl is perfectly matched to the MS-E-V ensuring quick separation cycles. For example, an 800 kg (1,760 lb.) batch can be separated in 10 minutes. During the separation process the separator head is gradually lowered into the work bowl in multiple steps. This allows removing the complete batch of finished work pieces and guarantees absolute batch integrity. The stepwise, vertical movement of the magnetic head and the separation times are part of the PLC processing program called up by the barcode scanner. The perfect match of work bowl contours and separator head, greatly facilitates the magnetic separation process and completely eliminates the need for a separation screen and pneumatic flap. The finished work pieces are removed by conveyor belt. Due to their shape some work pieces might carry out media with them. For this reason, before their discharge into the part bins, the work pieces are passing through an additional stationary magnetic separator to remove any remaining media.




Hookup to an existing wastewater treatment plant

The wastewater from the four (4) vibratory machines is discharged into two drainage channels and transferred to an already existing wastewater treatment system. While undersize media is filtered out with screen inserts in the two channels, other debris and small metal cuttings are caught with a screen placed in front of the pump station. This guarantees that all particles, which could damage the pumps, are discharged beforehand.



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