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Germany, Glatten – Extremely dynamica application for handling of workpieces




The new oval tubular bag suction cups from Schmalz feature an extremely high holding force.

New Schmalz bag suction cup for high-speed packaging processes
The vacuum specialist Schmalz has developed a new series of SPOB1f-type oval tubular bag suction cups especially for flow-wrap packaging processes. With up to 600 parts processed per minute, flow-wrapping is an extremely dynamic application – which involves special requirements for the handling of workpieces.
The bag suction cup from Schmalz is used in flow-wrap processes in tubular bag packaging. “Flow wrapping” refers to a process in which products are packed into a thin film on the packaging machine. The new SPOB1f allows you to further package the products in cardboard boxes with maximum reliability directly after the flow wrapping stage. It comes equipped with a thin and flexible sealing lip. That allows it to handle the film-packaged products with special care – even when there is damp or frost on the surface.


Can be used where there is direct contact with food products

Thanks to the FDA-compliant silicon material, the suction cup can also be used when there is direct contact with food products. It is therefore especially suitable for use on small and medium-size narrow products like ice creams and chocolate and muesli bars in the consumer goods sector. The 1.5 bellows suction cup is available in three different sizes: with dimensions of 35 x 15 mm, 60 x 25 mm and 80 x 35 mm.

The suction cup has impressively high rigidity. It is currently the only oval bag suction cup on the market for tubular bag packaging. The SPOB1f features an extremely high holding force: The force is between 30 and 50 percent higher than the holding force of two round suction cups. It is designed with an anti-rotation connection element for especially high stability and positioning accuracy.

The SPOB1f is recommended for all operators that manufacture and handle small and narrow film-packaged goods, for delta robot system integrators and for manufacturers of case-packing plants.


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