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KBW, based in Rohrbach, Germany, uses a 2,500 ton hydraulic tryout press from Schuler for the manufacture of car parts for prototypes. Previously, the largest system in use at Karosseriebau Wagner (KBW) in the Bavarian town of Rohrbach had a press force of 1,200 tons. Now, with a press force of 2,500 tons, a machine with twice as much power has arrived: a hydraulic tryout press from Schuler. Not only will this enable KBW to form considerably larger parts, it will also ensure complete flexibility at the same time.


Hydraulic tryout presses ideal for prototypes

KBW produces prototype parts for VW, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Brose, Faurecia and other automobile manufacturers and suppliers. This means: low batch sizes and dies that are not yet mature. Hydraulic tryout presses are ideal for this, as the system operator can freely program the required speeds and forces and has the full press force at their disposal at all times. What’s more, it makes it easier to run-in different dies. The automobile manufacturers, who run-in their dies or produce small series on the KBW press also benefit from these advantages.

With an area of 5,000 to 2,500 mm, the clamping surface of the Schuler system is again considerably larger than that of the 1,200 ton press from manufacturer Müller Weingarten, a company which also belongs to Schuler. The investment was part of a plant expansion by KBW, which includes a new factory building and an additional die machine.

Dynamic force control picks up the pace

The Schuler press is equipped with dynamic force control (DFC). This means that the slide cylinders are switched on and off via the press control system, in order to increase the working speed. A special servo hydraulic control guides the entire flow of oil of the main pumps to the required cylinder surfaces, thereby ensuring an optimum degree of utilization of the main drives. In this way, higher working speeds can be achieved with lower drive power.

Thanks to “Efficient Hydraulic Forming” (EHF), the energy requirement of the system also falls completely automatically in all operating phases. The main drives that are not required switch off via a standby function as soon as the forming process does not require any energy. A patented startup system bypasses the usual startup characteristic of drives and thus utilizes even the shortest breaks without losing time. And the intelligent speed-controlled drive supplies the auxiliary functions with energy exactly when it is required. This effectively minimizes the no-load losses.


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