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The modular sensor, with its new projection unit is characterized by extremely bright LED technology.

Steinbichler Optotechnik presents innovative 3D sensors

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, the provider of optical measuring and sensor technology, presented smart sensors for 3D digitizing.

“The COMET 6 16M sensor we are presenting is the flagship of fringe projection sensors. The modular sensor, with its new projection unit characterized by extremely bright LED technology and an innovative projection lens, provides an entirely new outlook on 3D digitization”, reports Hans Weigert, Head of Sales/Marketing at Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH. “The end-to-end T-SCAN laser scanner and tracking solutions, for their part, are impressive in both the handheld configuration and the automated version. With its extremely high dynamic range, the compact scanner permits the data acquisition on a wide range of object surfaces without the need of any time-consuming surface preparation”.

The optical tracking system ensures the accuracy of the T-SCAN laser scanner and tracking solutions, irrespective of robot accuracy. For repetitive measuring tasks, the T-SCAN laser scanner adaptation feature to suit any sensor guidance robot assures maximum efficiency and uncompromising data quality.


Suitable for use in different applications like quality, design and reverse engineering

The tried-and-tested single-camera technology in the COMET 6 16M allows the measurement field size to be quickly adapted to the measuring task at hand. The new handling system makes sensor positioning with respect to the measurement object extremely easy, highly convenient and fatigue free. Combined with the particularly easy sensor handling and the colin3D project-orientated software, the COMET 6 16M is suitable for use in a host of applications, including quality control, design, and reverse engineering. The unique ‘3D ILC – intelligent light control’ functionality makes it possible to adjust the quantity of light projected onto the relevant object surface; undesired effects such as glare are therefore minimized.

“We are delighted to present the high-end COMET 6 16M sensor and high-end scanning technology for manual/intuitive and automated T-SCAN 3D data capture at Control. The trade fair is all the more attractive due to the Moulding Expo, which is taking place at the same time”, says Hans Weigert in conclusion. “So this year, Stuttgart will be even more worth the trip for visitors – and certainly for exhibitors as well – than was the case even in previous years. In any event, we will be able to offer the target audiences of both trade fairs high-end and high-speed solutions for their complex tasks.”


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