TKD Kabel > Innovative cable with highly flexible aluminium conductor allows weight reduction of 60%

Germany, Nettetal – Cables with ozone, UV, temperature and oil resistance


Innovation in the field of rubber cables – ALINDUFLEX® from TKD (picture: TKD KABEL).

Innovation in the field of rubber cables – ALINDUFLEX® from TKD (picture: TKD KABEL).

ALINDUFLEX® – The revolution in the field of rubber cables

An alternative to copper: innovative cable from TKD with highly flexible aluminium conductor allows weight reduction of approximately 60%. TKD revolutionizes the rubber cable section with the new ALINDUFLEX®-Series, suitable for rough outdoor applications.
ALINDUFLEX®-cables use highly flexible aluminium conductors replacing heavy and expensive copper, allowing weight reduction of up to 60%. The aluminium conductor is sheathed with high grade rubber components and compared to standard rubber cables offer a higher ozone, UV, temperature and oil resistance. These cables are better suited for the challenging demands on cranes, conveyor systems or machines.
TKD’s innovative rubber cables deliver cutting-edge performance in ports, mining and tunnelling as well as construction sites – in short they are at home in tough surroundings.
ALINDUFLEX® cables can be distinguished from the usual copper cables through a coloured vertical stripe included in the outer sheath. The extreme reduction in weight and the excellent flexibility provides professional handling and reduces installation and maintenance times.


Lower costs for transportation and less metal price fluctuations for the cables
A further advantage is economic efficiency as they incur lower transportation costs. The change to aluminium allows independence of metal price fluctuations.
“ALINDUFLEX® compared to classic rubber cables made of expensive copper conductor is less susceptible to theft. In addition, these cables were subjected to extensive dynamic testing during development, which proved that they are especially durable for mobile outdoor applications”, Dr. Wilhelm Engst, Managing Director and CEO of TKD KABEL has pointed out. “At the bottom line ALINDUFLEX® cable offers more performance for less money – and convinces through excellent economic efficiency.”
Aluminium displays a lower conductivity than copper but as compensation ALINDUFLEX® components allow a higher temperature of up to 90oC on the conductor. Hence, no conductor cross-section enlargement is required, by changing from the H07RN-F series standard rubber cable.
The ALINDUFLEX® series includes single- as well as multi-core cables. Single-core cables are available in cross-sections of 10 mm² to 400 mm². The cross-sections of 4 and 5-core cables range from 10 mm² to 120 mm². As environmental awareness is gaining in importance the halogen-free versions are available on request.
The properties of aluminium require suitable connection technology for the aluminium conductor to allow electrical safety and mechanical strength.
Dr. Engst points out that “TKD offers ALINDUFLEX® system technology including all components for different applications to guarantee maximum safety.” The system technology includes tested connection systems based on crush or welding technology and components to connect aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper.
Tailor-made tools for the connection and mechanically as well as electrically tested components complement the product range. These can be put together to customer-specific system technology and ready-made cables.

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