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csm_8380_f_01_s_821fc3bf36Electronic dual pressure switches with display DPx 838x – configurable by NFC Smartphone App
The parametrisation happens with ease and can be done very quick by NFC smartphone app and a few finger taps. The set of parameters in combination with a comprehensive set of options make the electronic pressure switches versatile devices for demanding applications. The DPC 8380 contains a ceramic measuring cell whereas the measuring principle of the DPS 8381 is based on the proven thin film on steel measuring cell.

Combination of pressure switch and transmitter with a pressure display

The new electronic pressure switches with display, DPC 8380 and DPS 8381, are an ideal combination of pressure switch and transmitter with a pressure display. The parameterisation like switch points, output functions, switching delay times and display modes is done by an operating menu according VDMA 24574-1 directly at the device or by NFC-Smartphone app (Android) and stored for future usage. The easy operation as well as the comprehensive set of options make the electronic pressure switches DPC 8380 and DPS 8381 a valuable pressure measuring and monitoring device for diverse applications where precision, reliability and longterm stability are demanded. The DPC 8380 is for instance deployed in machine tools, refrigeration, Water treatment or Process technology whereas the DPS 8381 is used in industrial applications, machine tools or hydraulics.




Electronic pressure switches with 0.5% of accuracy from 2.5 bar to 0…600 bar
The electronic pressure switches DPC 8380 and DPS 8381 with 0.5 % accuracy are available in pressure ranges of 0…2,5 bar to 0…600 bar (DPS 8381) and 0…1 bar to 0…100 bar with relative and absolute measuring (DPC 8380). Furthermore the DPS 8381 with the thin film on steel membrane has a 3-fold overpressure capability.
Two switching outputs (PNP) are supplemented with an analogue output which can be set to current loop (mA) or voltage according to the system´s need. The measuring range can be adjusted in the range of 50 to 100% of the nominal range. Display and electrical connection are independently rotatable by 335°/343° whereby the orientation is easily accomplished even in difficult installation situations. The electrical connection M12x1 with 4- and 5-pole connector is available with the following pin configurations: 2x PNP and 1x analogue, 1x PNP and 1x analogue plus 2x PNP. In addition the electronic pressure switches DPC 8380 and DPS 8381 have a data logger whose sampling time is set via NFC-Smartphone app. The data can be analysed and exported by means of the NFC-Smartphone app.


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