Trelleborg > Launched innovative non-integrated seal for IPS Pipes

Sweden, Trelleborg – Designed for US market and Latin America



The F-552 seal is a composite combined lip and compression sealing system.

Designed for potable water applications
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation introduces a new, non-integrated locked-in sealing system to its portfolio, the F-552 Anger-Lock™. It is designed for Iron Pipe Size (IPS) PVC pressure pipes and fittings with an Anger bell design, specifically in the US and Latin America.

Designed for potable water applications, the F-552 seal is a composite combined lip and compression sealing system that is installed inside the socket after the bell has been formed. The unique design comprises a one-piece rubber composite seal, including an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) elastomeric sealing element bonded to a flexible thermoplastic retaining ring. This proven design locks the seal firmly in the correct position, eliminating the risk of seal displacement during pipe transportation and joint assembly.
Enhanced portfolio
Alan Guzowski, Managing Director at Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in the US, says: “By enhancing our product portfolio with our new F-552 seal, we can better serve our customers in the IPS market. They will harness the benefits of the high performance, locked-in seal designed specifically for IPS plastic pressure pipes and fittings and add significant value to their own customers.
“In line with our long-standing commitment to developing engineered sealing solutions that cater to the unique needs of different stakeholders throughout the industry, the F-552 provides benefits for both installers and pipe manufacturers.”
Improving productivity
The innovative seal design requires only low assembly forces, simplifying pipe jointing for installers. Manufacturers of plastic piping can benefit from improved productivity and market-leading technology to ensure their products come with the added value of a robust, locked-in seal.
The design of the F-552 enables the absorption of permissible variation in groove geometry and meets or exceeds all current ASTM American standards for pressure, vacuum, deflection and shear load. The F-552 Anger-Lock™ product family is certified to ASTM F-477 High Head standards as well as the NSF ANSI 61 standard. The seal also has the UL push on gasket 1285 certification.
F-552 Anger-Lock™
Trelleborg uses the highest quality materials and the latest technology to ensure the performance of its pipe seals. The F-552 Anger-Lock™ is designed to meet the life expectancy of today’s modern PVC pipe and fittings requirements, making it the ideal solution.
The F-552 Anger-Lock™ seal for IPS pipes is now available in sizes ranging from two inches/60mm to 12 inches/318mm and is part of the wider Anger-Lock family of seals. Trelleborg also offers Anger-Lock solutions F-584 for C-900 pipes and F-576 for metric pipes. These products are an ideal solution for PVC-O pipe producers.


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