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Italy, Milan – Three lines of Made in Italy bearings solutions


Unitec is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of high precision customized special bearings for tooling machines. The cylindrical roller bearings for machine tools, developing also customized bearings for steel and general industries. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 , UNITEC is part of Mondial Group.
Unitec attends EMO in Hannover (Hall 07- Stand C06)

Unitec production of special cylindrical roller bearings

In the overview of the activities within Mondial group, Unitec is specialized in manufacturing special cylindrical roller bearing and provides solutions with high precision contents for machine tools and general industry.
From the beginning of the project the company is able to provide a qualified technical support to its customers, on worldwide basis, with solutions constantly adequate to the market expectations and associated to an high quality service.

RTB axial-radial cylindrical roller bearing.

RTB axial-radial cylindrical roller bearing for turning tables and milling heads.

Examples of applications for Unitec bearings

Machine tool, steel industry, plastic and paper industry are just a few examples of applications where Unitec bearings have proved advantages.

In the field of machine tool the product range presents three main lines:

RTB axial-radial cylindrical roller bearing for turning tables and milling heads, SRB combined needle and roller bearing for ball screw support available in different configuration: flanged, with extended washer for seals riding and flanged with extended washer for seals riding, and finally XRB customized crossed roller bearings.

Answers focused on special bearings for tooling machines

Each type of bearings comply to specific requirements. RTB series is particularly suitable for turning tables, positioning and indexing tables and as a support for milling and boring heads where precision and stiffness are fundamental requirements.

Combined Radial needle rollers bearing with thrust cylindrical roller bearings in Unitec SRB series improves static and dynamic rigidity of the ball screws. This type of bearing with high load capacity is available, in addition to the basic version, in the following variations:

  • SRB-F Flanged with fixing holes.
  • RB-L with extended washer for seals riding.
  • RB-FL Flanged with fixing holes and extended washer for seals riding .

Seals carrier flanges and precision locknuts are available to complete the offer for ball screw bearing support.

XRB customized cylindrical crossed roller bearing.

XRB customized cylindrical crossed roller bearing are designed and manufactured on specific customer requirements.

XRB: Unitec industrial automation

Third series of machines tool bearings are suitable for all conditions where a standard bearing cannot easily satisfy the applications.

XRB customized cylindrical crossed roller bearing are designed and manufactured on specific customer requirements. It is a type of bearing used in several applications like machine tools, industrial automation and medical field.

Its versatility is due to the reduced cross section and the ability to carry combined loads and high tilting moment.

Solution for restricted available space

Those features make the Unitec crossed roller bearing XRB the ideal solution when restricted available space or lower center of gravity of the rotating masses are required.

Vertical turning tables, positioning tables, horizontal and vertical spindles and robots arms are key applications for this bearing.

Special design of bearing with rings provided of holes for clamping on torque motors allows to obtain superior dynamic performances, high alignment precision and reduces assembling time.

RTB-AMS bearings complete the precision inductive angular measurings.

RTB-AMS bearings complete the precision inductive angular measuring system AMOSIN.

Precision of positioning with RTB AMS version

RTB-AMS axial-radial cylindrical roller bearing with integrated inductive encoder has been on purpose studied to provide a solution to be matched in the best way with torque motors.

RTB-AMS bearings complete the precision inductive angular measuring system AMOSIN.

They are defined as double acting axial-radial combined bearings, developed to support rotating tables and spindle heads for machine tools.
Precise manufacturing technique, low friction torque, high load rating and rigidity position this bearings at the top quality level in the market and make them suitable to support installations where torque motors are used.
The system is supplied with customized configuration on request, with different levels of precision and resolution and there is no need to use any setting software.
In applications where the rotational speed is higher in comparison to the standard version, Unitec has developed the RTB HS version suitable for turning and milling tables.

New RTB ABS by Unitec 

Unitec shows at its stand C06 Hall 07 at EMO 2017 the new
RTB-ABS combined axial-radial roller bearings with an integrated absolute inductive encoder.

It is a standard solution with new generation high performance processor and with a design to ease the mounting.

In the new RTB-ABS the signal processor is integrated in the reading head and thanks to the high system modularity and completeness, Mondial is able to supply this product with different grades of accuracy to meet the specific requirements for the machine tool.

The available configurations with built in electronics into the reading head have 1,000 micron pitch scale in 2 precision classes +/- 3 microns and +/-5 microns interface without problems with the most common PLC in the market.
The new RTB ABS enters the range of axial-radial cylindrical roller bearings for indexing tables and milling-boring heads, which are part of the version RTB AMS with integrated inductive encoder and the RTB HS for high rotational speed.

More info about: http://www.unitecbearings.com



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