Wika > M10 slimline pressure sensor with low pressure ranges

Germany, Klingenberg – Compact measuring instruments with the pressure sensor



M-10 is an exceptionally slim instruments with low pressure ranges

Due to the increasing demand for compact measuring instruments, WIKA has expanded the application range of its model M-10 pressure sensor. The exceptionally slim instrument is now also available with low pressure ranges (0 … 6 bar and 0 … 10 bar).



The pressur sensor can be matched with any application with limited mounting space

With a spanner width of only 19 mm, the instrument can be matched to almost any application with limited mounting space. The robust thin-film sensor is designed for pressures up to 1,000 bar and operates with an accuracy of ≤ ±0.5 % of span. As the model M-11, the pressure sensor is also available with a flush diaphragm and pressure ranges ≥ 0 … 25 bar. This is mainly suitable for applications with highly viscous, contaminated or crystallising media.

In order to meet the needs of OEM customers as well, WIKA has optimised the production of both pressure sensor models. The M-10 and M-11 can thus be supplied in high lot sizes at economical prices.


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