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The servo motor offers powerful response to today’s market requirements for both machine constructors.

The Sigma-7 servo motors from YASKAWA
The development of the Sigma-7 motors from YASKAWA focused on three main goals: consistently fast commissioning, high production output and maximum operational reliability. The series offers a powerful response to today’s market requirements for both machine constructors and final customers in the production industry. The Sigma generation is now also available in a 400 V version.

Simplified and accelerated the servo drives’ commissioning

Extensive presets in the amplifier software simplify and accelerate the servo drives’ commissioning. For example, the ‘tuningless’ function allows immediate use of the Sigma-7 without the need for complex parameterisation or special knowledge of control equipment, while an autotuning function ensures quick adjustment. By saving time, you also benefit from savings in costs.
The servo motor system supports both installation and commissioning on the hardware side too. The new 400V version has a removable quick-coupling plug, made according to European standards, for easy and simple wiring. Moreover, the book-style housing supports gap-free, side-by-side installation of several amplifiers in a small space. This makes it possible to realise a high performance density inside the switching cabinet. The space inside the cabinet is reduced to a minimum, allowing it and the drive electronics to be integrated in the machine. Devices can also be connected directly from one to the next, so-called daisy-chain wiring, which reduces installation time.


Easy integration in the machines
An integrated real time EtherCAT interface is also available, for easy integration in the machine environment. Taken together, all of these time-saving features considerably reduce the ‘time to market/machine’, or the interval leading up to a machine’s market launch. The motors in the Sigma-7 series are up to 20% smaller than their predecessors while offering equivalent performance, and they produce considerably less heat. This means that they not only need less space in the machine but they are also more energy-efficient.
Much more potential for efficiency is provided by the software and electronics. Sigma-7 is characterised by its particularly powerful control algorithms. The newly developed servo motors have been available for 200 V since 2014 and will shortly also be available for 400 V. They cover a power range of 0.5-15 kW. At the same time, this new generation reflects the experience of 25 years of development know-how and more than nine million servo systems in the field.


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